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Develop a 6-Figure Online Product, Even With Little to No Audience!

Strategize, develop and launch a digital product with clarity.

  • Designed and launched Contrarian Thinking's first 7-figure product
  • Ran a special presale offer that resulted in 5-figures alone
  • Hit $500k in gross course rev in just under 9 months for client, Lisa

This PDF has the 4-step foundation we used to develop and launch products to 6 and even 7 figures. Have an audience? Great. Don't? No sweat. This guide will help get you plan your journey to a 6 figure product, even if you have little to no audience!


Unlock the secrets to creating, launching, and scaling your very own 6-Figure digital product – regardless of where you're starting from

Are you overwhelmed with all the information online about how to launch your own products? Well, now you can hear it from someone who built products for an 8-figure media company and is doing it for 6+ other high-profile clients.

Listen, I know there's a ton of fluff out there about how to make money online with digital products. Some push courses, some memberships...truth is, there's no ONE right way. You can do what you want. But before you get to the complexity of funnels, ads and automation, there are 4 foundational pillars you need first.

The 4 Steps





What's Included?


Feature #1

4 Step PDF Guide with Checklist

Foundation, create, launch, and scale. Elaborating on 4 steps to help get you to your first 6 figure product.

  • List of things to get ready PRIOR to starting
  • Editable product creation checklist
  • FAQs with answers!

Feature #2

Complimentary Training Module

I recorded a vide walkthrough for you, going through in real time how I do some of these steps when I'm launching products for myself and my clients.

  • ​20+ minute narrated guide
  • Real time screenshared walkthroughs

Feature #3

FREE VIP Exclusive Online Product Community

Join us in Facebook and get your questions answered! Full transparency - we're JUST getting started here! Be some of the first to partake in this experience. Shall we say...founding member? :) 

  • ​Peers working towards the same goal​
  • Valuable content added regularly
  • ​Regularly scheduled LIVES for Q&A


What others are saying

Codie Sanchez

"Nikki was a staple in the foundation of Contrarian Thinking. Together we launched, managed, and scaled the first product to 7 figures, took the newsletter to its first 200k, hosted our first large conference, introduced sponsorship revenue to the brand, and ran another community to 95% retention. If you need someone to solve problems and help you get stuff done, she's the one."

Char Modelle

"I was struggling to decide what my product journey was going to be for launching my course. Nikki has guided me and given a clear plan of action so I know what steps to take next. She’s brilliant in product development for creators, I feel so lucky to be able to work with her before my launch."

Launch Your First 6-Figure Digital Product

The 4-Step Framework to a 6-Figure digital product, plus supplementary training video

This guide is a reflection on past experiences of work, not a guarantee of results. Results are based on a multitude of factors and are not typical.

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