Sexy Healthcare Explores a New Way...

Here at Sexy Healthcare, it's more than stuffy rules and regulations. It's about your other resources that no one talks about. It's above non-conventional, supplemental forms of care, amazingly interesting start-ups, D2C businesses, products, resources, insights, trends and even secrets of the healthcare industry that shines a light on why things are the way they are.

The big picture here, is to get you to know that you CAN have control over this system. No, you don't have to become a lobbyist...I mean you definitely can...but it's more about learning how to be more savvy consumers, and demand more of yourselves, and the system.

We will be learning about some of the best up and coming businesses for you, trends in healthcare, future focused and patient centric realizations, ways to save money, ways to achieve optimal health and ultimately ways to make this industry Sexy again.

My Top Resources You Should Be Using...

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