Why You Won't Find a Better Superfood Powder...Ever

Juicing, smoothies, detoxing, supplementing, it's all a huge craze right now. Why? Because so many of us don't have the time needed to prepare fully healthy and well rounded meals 3 times per day, 7 days per week. These "superfood" powders, as they call it, are aimed at getting in a large amount of your daily needed nutrients in one scoop, without the mess or the hassle..anywhere, anytime.

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But with so many different brands coming up every day, how do we know which ones are good, and which ones are just another marketing ploy full of ingredients no one's ever heard of? Are they healthy...or not? Here's the ONE superfood powder I'll always recommend and use, and why.

Organifi has only been around for a few years, but the buzz and success they've created around their most coveted product, the Green Juice, is unprecedented.

Their product is of the highest quality, they use all natural ingredients, all of which I've heard of and non of the mombo-jumbo additives, and are always non-gmo, gluten free, organic, soy free, and vegan. Inside you'll find superfoods such as chlorella, moringa, and spirulina. Benefits include, mental clarity, nutrient dense healthy ingredients, immunity boosting, stress reduction, skin rejuvenation, and detoxification. keep in mind though, Organifi is a supplement to enhance an otherwise healthy diet, not replace it.

And it's not even just the product for me. Another thing that this brand has done that has helped actually produce the results they promise, is cultivate an entire community around them. Their concept was build around the transformational coaching arena, and the power that accountability and community has on creating sustainable lifestyle change. Every customer becomes part of this community.

Not only do they offer a great product and the community around it, but they also offer educational resources such as coaching, that demonstrates other areas to use in conjunction with the Organifi products, to enhance your results, and the benefits. Not to mention, one of the most comprehensive blogs I've ever read.

As a company, one thing that makes them so successful business-wise, is their use use subscription based purchasing. Essentially, you have the option to buy one jar at one prices, or pay a lower per month subscription to keep the products continuously delivering to your doorstep. This is for the hard core Organifi enthusiasts, but if you'e like me, you'll become a customer for life after trying it a few times.

To give the Green Juice a shot, you can do so at a discounted price just for Nikki Cohn-Byrd Health readers, here. Or if red is your flavor, try their immunity boosting Red Juice, here.

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