Why the wellness world loves Oat Milk

You know almond milk, coconut milk, even soy milk, but what about.... oat milk? Oat milk is the rising star of the non-dairy milk world, and as a popular trend of 2019, if you don't know it now... you soon will.

The demand for oat milk has become so popular that leading manufacturer, Oatly, has increased their production by 1.2k%. First popularized by baristas, oat milk started as a unique coffee additive. Now, it's also used in everything from cereal to smoothies, or to be consumed as a stand alone.

So, I had to give this new trend a shot, and... I love it. The taste is earthy and oaty (duh). It's thinner than other milks, but still creamy. Nutrition-wise, oat milk packs more of a caloric punch (about 130 calories in every cup), but has more protein, fat, and fiber than its almond counterpart.

I use oat milk in coffee, oatmeal, and smoothies...for an extra creamy, smooth consistency, and bold taste.

My recommendations to give it a whirl are:

1. The aforementioned Oatly (us.oatly.com)

2. And my fave...Califa Barista Blend, which can be found here, at Thrive Market.

Want to give it a shot? Check out this Easy Blueberry Smoothie Recipe below!

1 cup blueberries

1/2 cup Oat milk

1/2 frozen banana


Top with blueberries and granola

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