What Is Biohacking, and How Can You Use It To Optimize Your Success

Okay so you might've heard this term being thrown around out there, but weren't quite sure what it meant, got a lot of mixed answers, or even related it with negative connotations...biohacking.

While some might think of that as a 'woo-woo' term, I'd like to set the records straight. Biohacking, literally is, hacking your biology, or a 'DIY' approach to your natural biology. But for a more in depth answer, biohacking is:

"essentially the practice of changing our chemistry and our physiology through science and self-experimentation to energize and enhance the body. It’s a broad definition, but that’s also because the concept is constantly evolving. It includes implementing lifestyle and dietary changes that improve the functioning of your body, as well as wearable technology to help you monitor and regulate physiological data. It can even run to extremes such as using implant technology and genetic engineering."

Thank you Tony Robbins :)

It's altering your environment, inside and outside. It's self experimenting to figure out what protocols help you achieve peak performance, It can be anything from wearables like the Fitbit, to making a smoothie with medicinal mushrooms, to utilizing photobiomodulation, to slipping in a few nootropics here and there (my fave).

Now, many people are using this to hack their health. Yes. BUT...what if I told you there's an insane correlation between biohacking and success.


Let's now take the term biohacking and simply refer to it as, optimizing your health, or, a state of optimal health. Really..you can take any aspect of your health, and improve it, or become the healthiest version of yourself by manipulating some component like diet, lifestyle, exercise, supplementation..etc.

Sounds great, right?! And we all know, when our brains are operating optimally, our stress levels are low, our energy levels are high, our digestive system isn't inflamed, and our mental motivation is at an all time high..

We're basically unstoppable.

Even moguls like Richard Branson cite 'their health' as their most important, and greatest asset. The successful KNOW how important it is. Let's face it, if you're an entrepreneur, most likely you're the sole producer in your business.

And just like a car, if the engine isn't primed, the machine won't run. **yay analogy that fits into how your business is your car and you are the engine :)

Anywhoo...what biohacking DOESN"T include, is 'fad diets', quick fixes, crash diets, one size fits all wellness plans, and isolated health component focus (like only looking at diet instead of the holistic picture of diet, exercise routine, sleep schedule, etc).

So if you're ready to achieve peak performance, unlock optimal health, and reach your goals try a new method on for size. Whether it's blue light blockers, red light therapy, supplementation, or simple hacking your mental cognition with a music and mindfulness practice, biohacking your health is designed to set yourself up for long term success.

Hack on you little ambitious people you <3



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