This Is The New Way To Fry Chicken, And...It's Healthy

How this breadcrumb substitute is redefining the way we fry.

Health and food trends come and go..some stay, some fade quickly. But as a frequent trend reviewer and someone with their finger on every cusp on the industry, I think this new find is going to make a lasting impression.

Let's examine. There's always going to be a new 'fad' diet, and as they grow in popularity, people are going to spend time, and money, searching for options that satisfy the guidelines of their new dietary preferences.

No diet has caught on as quickly and gained as many cult followers as the Keto diet. A low carb high fat alternative to regular nutritional choices, it seems that everyday, hundreds of new products to satisfy the keto guidelines are making their way onto shelves. Take Bulletproof Coffee for example. A once bizarre notion to add high fat butter to your morning coffee, Bulletproof's keto satisfying coffee has grown over 80% since 2012, and won't stop anytime soon.

And here's a new comer onto the scene. Previously, if you wanted a fried dish, you douse your meat in some sort of corn meal or bread crumbs. But as neither are keto friendly, or gluten free or grain free ( or any of the other health conscious preferences ) the 'fried' dish ended up off limits.

Until now. This highly creative substitute for breading or corn meal comes in the form of ground pork rinds. Yep, you heard that right. Coined Pork Panko, this trend uses ground up pork rinds in place of breading that joyously make any fried dish, keto and gluten free.

A big player in this movement is Bacon's Heir. Manufacturing pork clouds as well as the coveted pork panko, these guys advertise their product as zero carb, gluten free substitutes that make frying a healthy breeze.

I had the pleasure to try these, and trust me, it was bizarre at first...but not only do they taste great, but they're quite easy to use...especially in the air fryer. My go at Pork Panko Fried Chicken is written out below. All I can say is...enjoy!

Pork Panko Friend Chicken


1 6oz chicken breast, sliced

1 egg, beaten

1 cup Pork Panko

1 tbsp EVOO

1 tsp Italian seasoning

1 pinch salt & pepper

How to make:

Dip the diced chicken in the beaten egg wash. Once well covered in egg, roll and coat in the pork panko. Add the EVOO to your air fryer and add the seasoning to your chicken mix. Put the chicken in the air fryer for the designated time for fried chicken based on your machine (usually 16-20 minutes).

Pull out and enjoy.

I'm a Phoenix local health and wellness product, brand, food and trend reviewer who's main goal is to improve people's health through informing them of all of their wellness options. Read up on the latest at or follow me on Instagram at

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