The Top Grocery Stores to Grab A Healthy Bite In a Pinch

Today we're busier than ever, and sometimes having a healthy and hearty home cooked meal at each sitting...just isn't a thing. Here are my top 5 recommendations of stores for grabbing a full healthy meal on the go!

From AJs Fine Foods, Scottsdale AZ

1. Sprouts - Sprouts whole foods stores can be found in almost every state and includes some of the best clean and organic brands out there. They also advertise their own organic and health food brands along with their massive salad bar filled with vegetables, healthy carbs, grains, and meat (and vegetarian options as well) to throw together for the perfect midday meal. This salad bar has saved me MANY times!

2. Wegmans - Wegmans is a heavily eastern located store, but if you're lucky enough to have one in your town, I'd recommend their salad bar and cafe. Options range from cold salad to warm options, and even a fruit selection.

3. Publix - When I lived in Nashville, Publix was my go-to for healthy choices on the go. This location is also heavily eastern border focused, but is extremely popular among residents in cities it is located. Their full cafe has self serviced healthy foods from all ends of the spectrum. Make sure you read to the end for my 'healthy salad bar' meal combo tricks!

4. Whole Foods - Whole Foods, sometimes known as Whole Paycheck is a notoriously expensive place to shop...only because their selection is best of the best organic and healthy selections. Their salad bar is no different. With a full cafe in each store along with both a hot and cold salad bar, the choices here are top botch. AND they come with their own nutrition information on each selection. Here are a few tips to not break the bank when you grab your healthy daytime meal here:

1. Have a plan! Remember the bar is $8.99 per pound and that can add up quickly. Know what you want ahead of time.

2. Use the tongs and shake the box after each ingredient. This allows the foods to spread out evenly and the tongs ensure you get a normal serving size of each selection.

3. Skip the heavy hitters. Lots of meats and cheeses and grilled vegetables can rack up the weight quick. Skip these or limit the quantity.

4. Salad dressing....on the side! Self explanatory :)

5. AJs Fine Foods - probably my favorite, and perhaps I'm biased because this is my area's main store. AJs Fine Foods is a wonderful healthy and pretty luxurious place e to shop for groceries, and their food bars aren't any different. Like the picture above, they have yogurt and fruit bars along with hot and cold salad selections. You'll get to experience these if you're lucky enough to live in Arizona.

Here's a quick run down of how to healthfully craft your on the go meal selection:

1. Eat these -> salad greens, fruits, veggies, protein like chicken, eggs, or tofu.

2. Eat, but moderate -> healthy grains like quinoa or brown rice, toppers like nuts and seeds. Be choosy with your salad the sugar content!

3. Avoid or limit heavily -> creamy pasta salads, lots of cheese creamy thick dressings, croutons

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