The Greatest Things About Struggle, Are The Lessons Learned

Okay let's recap... the previous entry I chatted about my origin. I also promised you that I'd be sharing my strategies, discoveries, and lessons.

And now, one of the most, if not THE most prominent lesson.

When you venture out on your own, there are options of what avenue to take. Options on how to get there, what strategies to use, options on who to work with...

Options. Choices.

Options. Choices.

Options. Choices. Everywhere.

Now what you'll come to realize is that, many of these options are relatively the same.

The only difference is the person teaching it, and the vehicle through which they teach.

Most of the time, their only kill shot, is portraying how 'easily' their solution will make you successful.

How quickly they'll make you successful.

Easily. Easy. Ease.

Out here I've see it's the buzzword.

And to's attractive.

I'll use this analogy.

Let's say you're trying to lose weight.

Person 1: "Here's a diet that's somewhat restrictive, no more of your favorite foods. Eat relatively the same thing everyday and paired with a good exercise routine, will help you drop 15 pounds in a little over 3 months."

Person 2: "Here's a pill. Take it 2x/day with water and food and you'll shed 15 pounds in 3 weeks."

Now I'm not saying everyone...but a majority will take person 2.

Another thing I want to preface this with, is my personal reasons why this is so attractive.

(And learning how to know yourself is a future lesson for a write up)


Why is this the a thing?

Because it's a major reason why most of my initial endeavors failed.

When things got the first sign of them not working out, I 'switched' to another 'option' that sounded easier and that it will more quickly get me to my success and independence goal.

Why? People tell you not to do's pretty much commonplace, yes?

Well having grown up in the middle class household with parents who are very old for my age (just take my word here)...they came from a different time.

No one in my family owned a business or even tried.

They didn't know.

And what they did believe, was the old adage of 'money isn't everything'. And while I do agree with that...

I was inundated with 'money isn't anything'.

We always struggled.

And I was too young to really realize the situation.

But looking back on it, I do.

After a few years, everything was a struggle.

Everything was a compromise.

It was groceries, or the electric bill.

It was piano lessons for the month, or a new shirt.

Every Christmas was..'Now listen, you need to learn that physical gifts aren't the most important things. This year will be very light'.

Everyday was...we can't afford that.

It was a very early instilled mindset towards money.

That it wasn't easy to make. And wasn't easy to come by. That it was evil. That we were all a victim of our circumstances and there's nothing we could do to change. That life just wasn't fair.

But, I didn't want to believe that.

I wanted to believe that when I grew up I was going to have anything and everything I ever wanted, and I'd never struggle.

That I'd never have to settle or compromise or say to myself..I can't afford that.

And that's where it all started.

I told myself I'd do anything and everything in my power to avoid that situation.

To PROVE to myself and my mom that I'd show her that she was wrong. That her ideations and beliefs were wrong.

That money was a product of work, and it was actually easy to come by. And I was going to do it... and it wasn't going to be hard.

Hence, when things started getting hard in each of my ventures..when the money wasn't coming quickly..I'd quit, and move onto the next strategy that might make it so.

Though, before I sat down to write my first entry, I reflected on this feeling and realized...

The fact that I avoided the hard, the fact that I gave up and pivoted every time things seemed too difficult...was the main reason why I was not yet successful. And until I learned to embrace the hard and push through, I wouldn't ever become successful in my life.

Even if the first venture I began was not what I ultimately wanted to do with my life...

Even if that wasn't the end goal..if I had taken that effort, that idea..and molded it into what I began to learn with self education; if I had evolved with my new knowledge and applied the new strategies to that concept, and not completely shifted into another thing...

I would've built a very solid foundation for myself. I would've proven to myself I could succeed. I would've proven that I could work and find abundance.

So I encourage you...

Embrace the struggle.

Embrace the difficulty.

Embrace the time it takes.

Because what I realized in this time, holding my life goals in my mind, is the foundation of lesson 1.

That most of the things that really count, that really matter, that really make you who you want to become ..are the hard things.

And more times than not, if you find it coming too's not worth having in the first place.

Until next time.

xoxo Nikki

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