Phoenix's Bambox Is Delivering Sustainability, Straight To Your Front Door

This container farmed sustainable start-up out of Phoenix is delivering sustainability, and awareness, straight to the doors and hearts of locals.

It was probably my most unassuming interview to date. When I first read of Bambox, I didn't expect the small suite in a strip of companies at a business park that the location ended up being. When I requested 'visit the farm', I expected just that...a farm. But what I entered into was even more impressive than I could've imagined at first.

Before we dive into who they are, let's take a look at why they matter.

The inevitable truth is, whether you're a vegan, or a meat loving, tailgate going, rib roasting beef eater, is that the effects of our consumerism are making a blatant impact on the environment, and the world. I'm not just talking about meat. We must also take a look at containers, plastics, water usage, etc. As a true health fanatic that relates with the rest of you out there...I don't think you can't truly be satisfied with your personal 'wellness' without considering also your impact on environmental wellness. The issues are synonymous.

The bright light here is, more and more people are beginning to realize this. As younger generations shift their economic behavior to more wellness focused decisions, sustainability is being brought into more of a brighter light.

Here's the thing, I've been predicting for a while that 'sustainability' is going to boom as an upcoming trend in the health space. In fact, Benchmark Global Hospitality issued their top Food and Beverage trends to watch in 2020...and sustainability was on the list. They state that climate change and environmental decline is shifting consumers to demand sustainability in everything from packing to food, and this issue is going to sweep the entire industry come 2020. As a result, both businesses and investors are going to be pouring dollars into this concept.

But one thing I discussed with Ashley, my Bambox tour guide, was that even though unfortunately sustainability is currently seen as a 'fad', it really is just simply...what we naturally should be doing.

And here-in lies the heart of Bambox's message to the world, that social responsibility and health, go hand in hand. That to serve our bodies, we are also serving the environment, and that's exactly how it should be.

Now, enough of the mambo-jambo, here's why this s a company that is 'need-to-know' now. A passion project turned serendipitous meeting of strategist, seed investor, and current co-owner Chris, who had the contacts in the sustainability market, the start-up was spawned. While they definitely aren't the first to market, they're the first I've found that combines perfectly the micro-niches of sustainability, health conscious offerings, organic, indoor farmed and subscription model business all into one package, delivered straight to your door either pre-decided, or on demand.

What's exciting about this business, is that the produce is farmed inside with less water, and grown vertically to maximize there's no seasonality and climate is controlled 24/7. Their produce is pesticide free and completely organic, and they're focus lays heavily on greens, micro-greens, salad mixes, and your ability to get a combo of any of the offerings either pre-boxed or delivered in bulk.

Interestingly, all product is grown to order, so they never have an excessive amount of waste. Any waste at all? Well, it's delivered to local homeless shelters. Which brings me to another thing that makes Bambox so special; their commitment to giving back through local education and community immersion.

Not only do they offer 'in farm tours' but they spread the word through field trips, a dive into local educational events, presence in schools and homeless shelters, and an intention to begin offering a 'grow it yourself' model of education to recreate the product in your own backyard, so you can get a feel for farming and self-sustainability on your own hands.

Most of their employees are passionate students or recent graduates from ASU looking to make a real difference. A small business, everyone is cross trained from how to run the business, operate the farm, and even deliver the goods.

An exciting jump for them is partnering with local health conscious restaurants like Chula Seafood and Cotton and Copper.

As their concept is still in its infancy and seen as an emerging trend, the shortfalls here are simply getting the word out. While most of their marketing comes from word of mouth and people seeking them out, they mentioned that currently their most active customers are locals with 'disposable income' to portion towards their own health and wellness. And even though their price point is far from prohibitive, to get it into the hands of students, it'll take more awareness for their brand.

Even the top wellness media in the market, Global Wellness Institute, has developed a sustainability initiative whose purpose is to "examine the underlying relationships [in sustainability] on a philosophical and practical level, and how these issues translate to consumer and investor value, long-term development, and a fundamental shift in paradigm for economy, wealth and vitality".

As they mention also, that "sustainability as a conversation has moved from “if” to “how and when.” Although “sustainability” often has a controversial context, it is becoming increasingly important in global affairs and economic agendas, as well as seen as a key performance indicator for personal and social health." Bambox seeks to bring this to Phoenix's own back yard and give us the opportunity to have these healthy options, as it should be.

You can find Bambox online, in person during some of their weekly farm tours, or at some of the many #Phoenix local farmers markets.

I'm a Phoenix local health and wellness product, brand, food and trend reviewer who's main goal is to improve people's health through informing them of all of their wellness options. Read up on the latest at or follow me on Instagram at

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