My Health Journey, and #1 Weight Loss Travel Hack

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

As Nikki Cohn-Byrd Health emerges into one of the top resources and communities for professional women to get health, weight loss, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle advice, it's time I expose the journey, who I am and what I'm about.

Hi, I'm Nikki and if you're like me, you're a busy lady. You have goals, visions, wants, hopes and dreams and perhaps you even run a business, or two or three. Whatever it is, you have a desire to make the most of your life, and you're looking for help to do that...hint: I'm about healthy lifestyles to accomplish that goal :)

5 years ago I was 65+ pounds overweight

And with a burning desire to make more of my life, I knew that success wouldn't come without the ability to take control of my most valuable asset...myself.

Look, the journey wasn't easy. But it was worth it. Of all of the changes I made, the most beneficial and successful ones (again hint: balance and good nutrition and ample movement..NOT starvation and crazy means of losing weight) took years to become habits.

But once they did, it was off to the races. SO I decided to start a business out of that journey...and help other women just like you do the same.

But that's when the REAL struggle came. I'm not sure if you know this, but STRESS is basically the antithesis of good health. And I'm sure you DO know that starting any kind of entrepreneurial journey, or trying to balance multiple endeavors at once, can be stressful AF (technical term).

Now to spare you the sob story, that will soon be a string of posts to ensure you you're not's what I learned from the whole ordeal:

1. Starting a business (just like drastically changing your health and losing weight) is NOT easy.

2. Through all the hard times and struggles, being good to my body was the ONE thing that saved me.

3. You CAN have both great health, and a lucrative career, in fact, that led me to my BIGGEST discovery;

4. Your health is DIRECTLY correlated to the level of success you achieve in life.


Now what I also want you to realize is the level of commitment and time towards accomplishing this will be substantial. it will feel like most days, you just don't have time or energy. But what you also must realize, is the cyclical nature of optimal health...the more time you put into you, the better you'll feel, the more energy you'll have to put into yourself AND your endeavors...on and on. Right?!

It is my mission to help high performing females find this out for themselves. With guidance, programs, a community and no nonsense entertaining content to help you overcome your hesitations about why health matters. To help you fall back in love with self-care again and it NOT feel like another 'to do' on your list. For you to get no-nonsense, anti-BS approaches to things like cooking, nutrition, meals, fitness, workouts, travel exercise, healthy lifestyle, balance, and feel like you are building your empire from the strongest foundation possible.

Sound good?!

Which brings me again, to a major component of what you'll learn...#travelinghealthy. Why?

Who here has said before that healthy routines are impossible due to the amount of time they're on the road, on the go, on business trips, traveling, etc? I have! But I busted that myth. Personally. And you can too.

Currently I'm sitting in a cozy Italian Restaurant in the Big Apple, #nyc. I'm writing you with Mimosa in hand (yes, you can occasionally have cocktails, don't freak) from Bond 45... thinking how helpful it would've been for me to have travel advice for my routine. Especially because you'll always find me exploring nooks and crannies looking for the nation's healthiest secrets, races, hidden gems, and restaurants for your enjoyment and aid.

That said, my #1 #healthytravelhack is...

STAY HYDRATED. Ahh why?! Okay hear me out here. How many of you are go-go-go on trips? Walking? Exploring? Working? Dominating? How often do you feel ravenous after a day like that? Always? Me too. Staying hydrated not only will do you body a great favor, but it will also curb those craving and help you feeling satisfied until you do have time to chill and eat a god balanced meal. There's nothing wrong with carting a water bottle with you everywhere.

To your optimal health and success (I look forward to meeting you),



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