Move Over Michalob Ultra, There's A New Healthy Alcohol in Town...And It's Taking Over

Read on for why people are so obsessed with White Claw, and the spirit brands who are moving into the wellness space!

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Trend following in it's purest form, the alcohol industry is the next to jump on. Before we even begin, as a disclaimer, alcohol in any form isn't the healthiest of options, and all other warnings still apply. I'm not a dietician...but that's just common sense.

However, the #millennial (and other generations') preference of being more health conscious, and aware of what they put in their bodies have been driving the buyers market for many years now. It's no wonder the alcohol industry wants to cater to the largest market of consumers by pandering to the well-obsessed generation. And we're jumping on their every move, as now, we can indulge in the 'forbidden liquid' without guilt or threat to our waistline (or so it would seem).

From FitVine, to Heineken and Michelob's lower calorie counter parts, to 'mocktails', and bon appetit's list of gluten free beers, new offerings come out almost everyday. But now, we're seeing the hard liquor giants jump on the wellness train.

Just a few years ago, legacy brands like Tito's, New Amsterdam, and Svedka were launching flavored spirits with the likes of cream sickle, vanilla, and chocolate. Whilst sales soared in the short span, due to the preferences of the current market being against their even more sugary and artificial taste...those sales have since dwindled drastically. Now, juice and #seltzer seem to be the latest buzz words in the market.

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A recent article by Fortune highlighted some of the heavy hitters newest moves. Absolut released a 'juice' as an alternate to rose, with 20% less calories. Diageo launched Ketel One Botanicals, which is vodka infused with botanicals and fruits like mint, cucumber, and peach, that have 40% less calories than a glass of wine. Smirnoff also jumped on the hard seltzer train with a line of flavors like lime and grapefruit. As a result, sales and brand loyalty have soared.

According to Shape, here are the summer's most sought after...and healthiest drinks. New world mover, White Claw, definitely made the list. Which, and with its explosion onto the scene in a relatively short amount of time, brought me to wonder why the brand is so popular among this target group of individuals. White Claw has completely taken over the hard seltzer scene, with 'The Takeout' citing a 275% sales jump in just a year. Right now it's outselling any beer on the market, and their name is synonymous with the millennial choice for hard beverage. Boasting the motto 'made pure', and containing 100 calories and 2 grams of carbs per 12 oz can, the brand is perceived as more wholesome, and also has been referred to as less 'taxing' on the body since it's also "hydrating" (being a spiked water and all). The alcohol is gluten free and the flavors are fruity and refreshing, allowing more to the appeal of a healthy beverage.

My prediction? White Claw become the 'Beyond Meat' of the spirits world.

It seems the push toward rebranding certain types of alcohol as “healthy” food highlights one of the biggest issues of the wellness industry...what really is the wellness status of alcohol consumption and what are its effects? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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