Local True Food Kitchen Makes Food Network's List of America's Healthiest Fast Food Spots

True Food Kitchen happened to be the first restaurant I tried when I got to Phoenix, and to my surprise, so far it's been the best. Healthy, fast, casual, game changing.

When you used to think of "fast food", you'd think of chains like Burger King or McDonald's with greasy burgers and fries in a snap. Not anymore. As the millennial generation's buying behaviors steer more towards health educated and wellness tendencies, their need for better options is fueling the growth of places like True Food Kitchen.

Most everything on the menu you'll find is gluten free, organic, non GMO, vegan or vegetarian. Founded by renowned integrative physician Dr Andrew Weil, his anti-inflammatory diet approach is the inspiration behind the selections.

Now they've expanded to over 10 states including Tennessee and Colorado, the Phoenix

location was the first, having been established in 2008. Their menu adjusts seasonally, highlighting ingredients that are being harvested. Like yesterday...I indulged in their butternut squash soup.

As this concept is starting to take over the masses, bigger media outlets are taking notice. True Food recently made Food Network's list of America's best and most healthy fast food chains.

Their story is much like some of the new healthy landscape...but a lot more robust. Having being founded by a physician, not culinary expert, the belief stems from eating well means living well. And shines through their cooking. The anti-inflammatory diet includes food that are high in antioxidants and low in inflammatory ingredients, that are known for being the root cause of many chronic diseases and ailments.

Seasonality and local sourcing means a lot to them, as does sustainability. Their ingredients are farmed organically from San Miguel Farms. Their fall menu boasts superfoods like beets, kuzu root, and butternut squash.

On top of their commitment to healthy cuisine, their locations offer gathering places for events such as yoga classes, pilates classes, barre classes, and pairs them with special brunch offerings.

My visit was complete with their Antioxidant Mimosa, and Cauliflower Polenta Bowl with Salmon. Keep your eye, and pocket book, out for more concepts like this. As the consumer bias changes, so will restaurant offerings. You'll be seeing many more such as this, but True Food is one of the great pioneers.

I'm a Phoenix local health and wellness product, brand, food and trend reviewer who's main goal is to improve people's health through informing them of all of their wellness options. Read up on the latest at www.nikkicohnbyrd.com or follow me on Instagram at www.instagram.com/nikkicohnbyrdhealth.

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