Keto Egg Cups

I know #keto is all the rage these days, and even though I am not keto, this is a perfect low carb breakfast that's both fun and easy to make. Throw them on top of some rye or whole wheat toast for those of you #carb lovers out there!

Keto Egg Cups

This is a super easy and savory breakfast I make a lot of mornings because they're tasty and also super cute! Sometimes I'll make 2 or sometimes 3, depending on what my day looks like! This morning I stacked them on one piece Schar Multigrain bread from Thrive Market, and paired them with a greek yogurt parfait with blueberries, strawberries, and gluten free granola from Purely Elizabeth!

What you need:

To make 2 cups

2 farm fresh eggs

2 tbsp EV olive oil

1 cup of spinach (1/2 each)

2 diced yellow or orange mini sweet peppers (split in half)

How to make:

Coat your skillet with the EV olive oil, add in the spinach and peppers first so they cook slightly. Once sautéed, crack one egg at a time and cover with a skillet lid to cook all the way through.

Season with Italian seasoning and red pepper flakes!

Bonus...cook each cup in a mini egg skillet or mini cast iron pan for the perfect cook in a perfect round shape. You can even use muffin tins and bake!

And that's it! Enjoy!

Nikki Cohn-Byrd is a Phoenix local health advocate, trend spotter, and healthy food reviewer. For updates on the best new healthy and farm to table cuisine, and the most noteworthy wellness trends and recipes, subscribe to my mailing list or follow me on Instagram!

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