How to Remain Driven & Focused...Even If You Lack Clarity

Have you ever had that moment where, you sit down to do mark something off of your to-do list in your planner, the list that never seems to end..and you know exactly what you should be doing..yet you just sit there, staring at your 'to-do', staring at your computer screen..

And are frozen?

I have.

In fact, I'm having one right now. This very moment. Which is why, after looking at my to-do list today, and still feeling frozen..and stuck..I decided to sit and write this instead.

A brain dump per se of thoughts on the biggest thing I'm lacking at the moment ( and probably always have )...


Clarity is that thing that motivates you. That drives you. That gives you the energy to wake up and attack the day every morning. That thing that makes you feel accomplished and like you're taking one step forward in the right direction..instead of running in circles.

It's that thing you must have for all other personal and professional development education to work.

Because without it, you could have the best coaching in the world, all the tips tricks and tools, but if you don't have anything to apply those to..

It's honestly just useless knowledge.

You know, I envy people with extreme clarity.

They know exactly what they want and how they want to help people. What niche they want to serve, what products and services they want to create, what change they want to elicit and ultimately, what their true calling is.

I don't have that.

In fact, I don't think I ever did.

Call it lack of clarity, or indecisiveness, whichever..

My whole life, even in school, I was never very clear on what I wanted to do.

I had and still have SO many interests. So many changes I want to make. So many opportunities I see..

That it's always felt so silly to me to go all in, and put all of your eggs in one basket if you weren't sure that thing was what you ultimately wanted, or if it would get you one step closer to your ultimate goal.

And when you don't have clarity, focus is very hard.

Maintaining drive is very hard.

Accomplishing, executing, and not procrastinating is very hard, because you don't know what to do.

You end up implementing things, spending money trying stuff, starting, quitting, and not getting anywhere.

And you think the answer is more knowledge. You think reading more, listening to more podcasts, taking more courses, anything else..will magically show you the way and give you that clarity you're ultimately searching for.

See, I've done all of those 'how to find your passion' quizzes and exercises...and they've never worked.

Because it feels rushed. And the answer I come to in the moment that sounds amazing, a few days later doesn't sound so great anymore.

Perhaps you're in the same boat.

You see others, and your peers, achieving and making big steps in their lives.

And you wonder...'I know more than them. I have those same tools and methods and I know what to do, so why am I not as successful?'

Well, it's because your 'thing'.. the thing you want to call yours, your vehicle of transformation, your product, your service, your title, your calling..the thing you need to execute those strategies and tools on..

Isn't there.

Well, after thinking about it for a while..

I'm here to tell you,

That it's okay.

It's okay not to know yet.

It's okay not to have your 'thing'.

It's okay to be where you are.

See, for me, it causes a lot of stress and confusion. Procrastination and self-proclaimed laziness, because I don't have anything I"m excited about, or anything I can execute these 'tools against'.

It's draining.

And it causes intense pressure CONSTANTLY for me to 'figure things out'.

And sometimes I wake up dreading the day because I don't know what I should be doing to take that next step.

Because I can't see the road in front of me.

It's like running a marathon in the dark.

And ultimately instead of a finish line, you end up right back where you started.

So when I sat to write this today, I tried to muster up all of my thoughts and experiences on this topic.

To convince you, and ultimately myself, that where I am is okay.

That it's acceptable to still be unclear.

And that it IS possible to remain focused and driven EVEN if I have no idea what I'm working for.

Let me give you an example.

In school, they force us to 'choose a major' at 18. Something we are committing our whole lives to because for most of us, we're going into debt getting a degree around this thing in hopes it will pay off.

However, even though that's insanely ridiculous, I think recently it's becoming easier and more acceptable to change that major, as many time as you want, until you find something that interests you.

When dating you wouldn't settle for the first guy or girl you dated to marry even if you're miserable.


Sometimes people spend years trying to find their perfect match.

We wouldn't choose the car we end up buying just because it was the first one you see on the lot.


You'd research and test drive many before you decide.

Researchers don't go with the first formulation when creating a new drug.

It takes years to perfect the ingredients.

And this is why it's okay to be unclear right now.

Here's what I'm going to do, and maybe what you can try too.

From now on, my 'thing' is simply to improve upon myself everyday.

In any way I can.

To become 1% better each time I wake up.

To do something that day I can feel proud of and thank myself for.

To ultimately set a goal to create wealth and freedom and affluence for myself.

That is my thing.

To be come the best version of me...and hopefully help people along the way.

My 'why' isn't set. My 'vehicle' isn't set.

But I know the mountain peak that I'm beginning to hike towards.

And if I have to try everything in the book...



Being employed




You name it...

To get there, I will.

See, this type of experimentation will do two things for you.

1 - It will hopefully make you an extremely well rounded and intelligent individual, that by trying everything they could, learned, grew, and ultimately found what they wanted in life.


2 - It will absolutely inform you of the things that you absolutely HATE and would never want to do in your life. Which honestly, knowing what you don't want can be equally or even more beneficial to knowing what you DO want.

So henceforth from now, this is what I vow to do.

To try, to experiment, to fail..

All with the ultimate goal of simply becoming a better, more self aware person.

The simple thought of this, and 'untying' myself from the responsibility of clarity, sales, marketing, clients, etc..

Is extremely liberating, driving, and motivating.

I hope by looking at your situation this way, you will be able to let go to the need to find complete clarity, and have it all figured out, before you're completely ready.

But remember, to always keep your eyes open for opportunity.

May times, it arises when and where you least expect it...

'Til next time...



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