Healthy Review - Superfood Healthy Food Factory, Split, Croatia

This review takes us across the pond...literally! Croatia is a hidden travel gem of sights, luxury, and wellness! Let's dive into this one healthy hot spot I found while exploring the city of Split.

Contrary to the stereotype of America, Croatia is actually known for it's wellness conducive landscape, recreation, and focus on healthy eats. A trip to Croatia, you can find close to where you are, water bodies, swimming, forests, hiking, sailing, walking, running, biking, and most likely some sort of luxurious spa.

Not to mention, the food scene is hyper-focused on healthy ingredients and sustainable sourcing. Around every corner, there was an Organic Food Store, or Healthy Food Eatery.

While staying on the promenade of Split, Croatia, I was wandering around one morning before a morning bike ride, and stumbled upon this gem...that I in face frequented TWICE..even though I was there to sample various options.

Superfood Healthy Food Factory in fact, was one of the best places I tried on my entire European trip. ( I may be biased ) BUT let's dive a little deeper...

The first thing that caught my eye ( other than the 'healthy food factory sign' ) was the advertisement for "healthy pizza". I mean, that's the best of both worlds! Their pizza made with spelt flour crust, which is a healthy alternative to wheat flour, although it's not gluten free. This wheat free whole grain is more easily digested than regular flour, and contains more vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber. My first thought was...I NEED to try this.

And then...I saw their menu. With WAY more amazing sounding options than I could dare to try...I had to go with my inkling, forgoing the pizza for a more refreshing counterpart. Though my S.O. did get a pizza, and I'm telling you... I wish I had that every day for forever <3 Picture at the end of the article... so stay tuned.

But let's explore...not only do they have healthy pizza, their menu also boasts a festive selection of protein bowls, pastas, smoothie bowls, salmon, healthy cakes...and chia pancakes.

I chose their Organic Mushroom Coffee, with their Beauty Smoothie Bowl whose ingredients include collagen, avocado, mango, pineapple, coconut milk, protein, and superfood toppings like granola, banana, grapes, coconut, goji berries and chia seeds.

A MUST try if you are ever in that area..tell them I sent you! And as promised, check out this Truffle Pizza with Deer Salami. :)

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