Healthy Review: P.S. Kitchen - New York City

The Big Apple, known for its shopping, millionaires, and bustling busy streets, not so much for its healthy cuisine. Until now. As NYC is a melting pot for all things foodie paradise, it’s no wonder the ‘wellness trend’ is making waves in the heart of the city.

As a healthy food explorer, helping professional women stick to their routine on the road,

finding the local healthy eateries and giving you the inside scoop on where to go is my #1 endeavor. While searching for the best of the best in wellness eats, I stumbled upon Restaurant Row. Right off the beaten path of Times Square, Restaurant Row is blocks on blocks of up and coming restaurants and street food hot spots.

While a simple stroll down the row will give you options to curb your appetite, searching for healthy, or vegan/vegetarian cuisine isn’t as easy…until…

Enter P.S. Kitchen. P.S. kitchen is a small but modern looking shop on the row, hidden down a few steps, if you don't look up to see the sign or recognize the wood shutters, you may miss it. Intrigued I went in to see what it’s all about.

A simple glimpse at the menu showed they were fresh ingredient conscious, but a closer look revealed a vegan friendly dive. I quickly located the owner and began chatting.

More than I could’ve thought, P.S. Kitchen is the only restaurant of it’s kind in NYC, yep. Why’s that? Because it’s a social business. They take no profit. All revenue is donated to 6 different charities for different causes. Adding to the fresh ingredients, is the consciousness of social responsibility.

Their founder April Tam-Smith was the decision maker behind that, taking inspiration from her mentor, Muhammad Yunus.

Nutrition information is beginning to make waves on menus across the country as people are becoming more health conscious, but you won’t find any calorie counts here. However, you will be given (upon request) a complete list of every ingredient in every menu item they offer. Everything. All vegan, non GMO and freshly sourced parts make up each and every menu item…including cocktails.

Their veggies are from Baldor, locally sourced. Terry Catering (also associated with P.S. Kitchen) provides more ingredients. Their burgers are from Beyond Meat. All alcohol is vegan and all sauces are made in house from vegan ingredients, including their bleu cheese that uses superfood spirulina powder. All selections are kosher, and Corrine states the restaurant is frequented by those with food allergies and intolerances.

After perusing my selection, everything sounded so good I asked the waitress for a recommendation. Finally decided on the PS Burger. Burger? Yep… a newly popular ‘Beyond Meat’ creation with gluten free free bread (though I opted for a lettuce wrap), lettuce, tomato, and vegan cheese. Accompanied the burger were some truffle fries. Anything with truffle is a win for me.

The food came smelling fresh, looking delicious and neatly plated. One bite confirmed the taste was just as appetizing as the sight. I’ve tasted a beyond meat burger before..their protein content is unmatched and the taste of the burger is so similar to real meat, you’re almost fooled. But the PS Kitchen spin on the popular classic was a blast to the tastebuds with the vegan cheese accompanying nicely. The truffle fries were to die for.

Completing my visit with another quick chat with the owner Corrine Tork, she revealed the local spot was opened 3 years prior, and has been frequented by vegan and vegetarian bloggers and fiends alike. Not ever making a ‘top healthiest’ list, they were grateful for being included (and recommended) in the Nikki Cohn-Byrd Health blog.

A 110% recommended visit if you’re looking to match your fresh food preferences or keep on your nutritious choices while visiting, vacationing or business traveling, I enjoyed every bite.

P.S. - a closing note that mirrors the intention behind the name…the P.S. Kitchen is anything but an afterthought. Check it out. Find them on Instagram @pskitchennyc and online at


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