Healthy Review - Husk Restaurant, Nashville, Tennessee

As a throwback to my residency in #Nashville, I wanted to highlight one of (if not the) best locally sourced, seasonal Southern cuisines in the area... Husk. Not in Tennessee? Not to worry, Husk concepts are present in Savannah, Charleston, and Greenville. Read on to see what makes Husk a product of local and healthy food lovers' dreams.

If you geek out on reading about the freshness and quality of the locally sourced ingredients in your food, like me, you'll love everything about this restaurant's website...and of course Husk itself.

As Nashville's food scene trucks on like bull after a red flag, I'm not the only one who's taking notice. Husk's ode to local Southern fare has been featured in food and travel lovers' magazines such as Thrillist, Departures, and Food Network, and with the workings of new Executive Chef Katie Coss, will continue to attract attention for years to come. And for good reason.

Husk is located in a prime spot, in Rutledge Hill, just a few blocks away from the popular Broadway scene. With its beginnings in Charleston, SC, the Neighborhood Dining Group's Husk concept bloomed its way into the Southern Nashville scene in 2012, and at that time was captained by James Beard Award winning Sean Brock. With new EC Katie Coss turning her own spin on local ingredients, Husk is reinterpreting heirloom products and locally sourced seasonal fare, and highlighting what it really means to eat in the South.

Basically, if it's not made in the South, it won't make your plate. To add to the Southern charm, the architecture and atmosphere lead to the rugged family feel, being housed in a former Mayor's old 'carriage' themed abode. Quaint and old fashioned, the interior and exterior screamed a down South 'homey feel', and I loved every second. Even the plates brought a spin to the dish, being either a vintage ceramic bowl, or even a sanded tree trunk chunk.

Obviously, all of their ingredients are locally sourced. Even their menu changes frequently (as often as daily) to mimic what the region's producers are producing at the time of season they're in. Don't believe me? Double check their list of local suppliers that are proudly listed on their site. Currently their main menu offers delectable dishes such as Hickory Smoked Wings with Alabama White Sauce, the HUSK Cheeseburger with Bear Creek Farm Beef, and the never omitted Plate of Southern Seasonal Vegetables.

My dining experience at Husk was in 2016, and as menus are always rotating, the exact title of my lunch escapes me, but has to be in line with their seasonal veggie salad as the bowl is lined with fresh greens, cucumber, tomatoes, cauliflower, beets, and an artisanal cheese. If you're not yet convinced your meals will be fresh and every bit as delicious as your grandma makes, go visit any one of their locations and try yourself. If they decided to expand to the #Phoenix area, I would not be upset.

It's casual, yet chic and modern, and a reinterpreted spin on what it means to be a seasonal ingredient. A neighborhood 'home away from home' (including a fireplace) is an attraction for locals and tourists alike. Nothing beats it here.

Nikki Cohn-Byrd is a Phoenix local health advocate, trend spotter, and healthy food reviewer. For updates on the best new healthy and farm to table cuisine, and the most noteworthy wellness trends, subscribe to my mailing list or follow me on Instagram!

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