5 Hacks That Will Supercharge Your Morning Routine

Being an entrepreneur serving multiple clients, managing multiple brands, freelancing for other startups and still trying to keep myself healthy and optimized takes a lot of energy, commitment, and resilience.

That's why my morning routine is almost non-negotiable, especially when it comes to the aspects that support my health and wellness.

While the 'self care' techniques like walks, exercise, baths, etc are much needed, sometimes you need a little more support physiologically to help you get through the day and to own it while a the top of your game.

As a die hard supporter of 'health is your most valuable asset', I'm a total geek when it comes to health optimization, high performance as it pertains to success and biohacking.

That's why I believe that having a strong and customized morning health and supplementation routine is an invaluable part of anyone's business plan. Sometimes my plans fluctuate but these top 5 hardly change.

**Disclaimer: Keep in mind though, I am NOT a physician nor am I an accredited physician that can recommend any pills or supplements. Always consult with your own functional medicine practitioner to configure your unique and personalized morning supplementation routine.

But for my top 5 MUST have morning routine supplements to supercharge your day..here we go:

Start every morning with at least 16oz of lemon water: okay I admit it..this isn't a supplement..duh. BUT keeping your routine and health 90% natural is THE way to go. Plus, water is like, the fountain of youth. Promise. Hydration is what jumpstarts your brain, your digestive system, oils up those joints, AND add a kick of lemon for a metabolism supercharge! Plus, according to healthline.com it aids in digestion, promotes skin health, wakes up the liver, gives and extra boost of vitamin C AND aids in weight loss. I mean, who wouldn't want that first thing in the AM? Next...

Consult a company for a personalized multivitamin stack: I'm a big fan of the Multi-V. But honestly, most people don't know what they're deficient in, and what they really need. Which ends up in them going to the store, buying a multi-v with pretty much everything in it, not really needing half of it, then peeing most of it out. So basically it just becomes really expensive pee. With so many things being personalized today, why not your morning vitamin?? Hundred vitamins put you through a personalized assessment of your current state and daily life, so the resulting vitamin recommendations are completely unique to you AND recommended by nutrition experts. Great right?! Here's proof of me gulping down my personalized stack of turmeric, l-tryptophan, iron and ashwaganda!

Up your coffee game with superfood additives: I definitely used to be an avid coffee drinker..like..all the time. Mainly Starbucks or your everyday normal store bought coffee, nothing special. Until I started feeling sick, even more fatigued, and just plain gross. Aside from knowing that I needed a complete break from caffeine to give my adrenals a full reset, I also decided that when I did go back to coffee, it wouldn't be just regular coffee..but supercharged coffee. Vitacup Genius Coffee is an incredible blend of superfoods like MCT oil, cinnamon, turmeric, Vitamin B's and Vitamin D to support unmatched energy and focus. Not just the normal caffeine jitters. Don't you think it's time to upgrade?

Slip a little collagen in there while you're at it: Oh ya, I forgot to mention, collagen. I just slip a little powder into my coffee, and you can't even taste it! Why? Because collagen promotes healthy joints, skin, nails, AND your gut. It's that stuff that deteriorates with age, so we need a little extra help getting it in for that extra morning beauty boost. And I wouldn't look any further than this Protein Collagen from Dr Josh Axe's brand Ancient Nutrition.

Boost the nutritious value of your morning smoothie with a superfood protein: And last but not least.. how many of you usually follow the mainstream advice of drinking your breakfast? I do about 75% of the time! As long as that smoothie is packed with superfood nutrients, lots of green veggies, and a trusted source of protein. I choose the Vanilla Protein Powder from Organifi because it's plant based and vegan, allergy free, includes extra digestive enzymes AND has extra immunity boosting components. Cha-ching!

What an amazing and healthy start to your day. Don't forget you are your own superpower, so why not treat yourself to the best wellness hacks for optimal performance out there?!

(awesome! Glad you made it all the way through... I personally use and recommend all of these...remember to consult a practitioner..BUT if you do decide to purchase through one of the links, we might get a small commission. This is what allows me to keep 99% of my content free!)

Until next time!



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