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I'm Nikki

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Entrepreneur, Success Motivator, Brand Creator, No BS Taker and Wellness Optimization Nerd, Who’s On a Journey to BioHack Peak Performance.   

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I'm just a girl from small town Indiana with big dreams. No...HUGE dreams. From an early age I knew I wasn't cut out for the traditional 'work for a company and build a great 401k' route. I wanted more. But what I never learned...was that there was more to that than met the eye.

From taking a suicidal leap into entrepreneurship, to wise, financially, and mentally...building multiple businesses, and failing them, to deciding I'm only in this for the journey..I began to explore any and every avenue to get anything and everything I've ever wanted. 

It's always been my dream to create a lasting impact, and thus far in my journey, I've found that the key aspect of any of resiliency. Now I'm on a mission to help you find the answers to building resiliency...beginning with your health. This site is my story.

Alongside that... I love cooking, travel, puppies, and pretty much anything that has to do with health :)



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I can't claim to know it all. No one can! But what I will that I'm on an endless journey to discover what 'having it all' really means.

From the best of the best wellness strategies, to peak performance tips, check out what my trial and error has proven to be the successful findings.


Building resiliency in mind and body all begins with having the right strategies. From someone who has built and failed, and built again, countless business, and who is a self-proclaimed health and performance nut, I've searched for successful strategies for years. These are my findings.

Whether you're a wellness entrepreneur looking for marketing and business tips, or just someone looking to optimize their health and performa at your highest, check out ways we can learn...together.

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Beauty Products


My fave product combinations to get shit done in style. From coffee bundles to at home productivity, you'll find it all here.

Fit Girl


I've researched, experimented, and learned the best. I've put together both fitness and nutritional programs all designed to increase performance and brain function.

Bottle of Capsules


A majority of my time is spent finding what super-foods and supplements unlock your highest potential. My favorites are here.

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