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Hi! I'm Nikki...
Transformational health coach, Inspirational health speaker, adventurer, former health benefits broker turned entrepreneur, unconventional wellness pioneer and a leading healthcare advocate and thought leader in the worldwide health market, I have spent the last few years helping women lose weight and regain control of their health. I've taken those who have fallen for fad diet after fad diet, and helped them finally lose weight and develop healthy lifestyles that last.
How I Can Help You
My approach - I mentor you to weight loss, fat loss, and lean muscle building through simplified and effective programs. As a transformational coach and speaker, my methods are designed to help take the stress overwhelm out of health and weight loss, and allow you to regain control of what really matters. A unique mix of hard work and fun, my approach will help you rekindle your love for your self care, improve your health and over all wellness, and result in weight loss as one of the many beneficial by-products! Aside from looking and feeling good, my methods give you implementable lifelong strategies to help you learn to be healthy for life, which acts as preventative measures against disease and future high volumes of healthcare spend!
Transformational Health Programs
Join me in learning how to un-complicate weight loss, find balance, and take back your power to control your health! You DESERVE to be your best self!
1:1 Personal Health & Nutrition Coaching
You can expect to work directly with me throughout your completely personalized virtual program. This is my highest level of support which means I am your mentor, supporter, teacher and most importantly, your red headed health advocate that will be with you every step of the way!

The level of work we cover will be intensive, but effective, fun, and life long.
  •  Personalized workouts
  •  Customized meal plan
  •  Weekly one on one session checkins and 24/7 email support
  •  My Eat Right for Life guide, including recipes and grocery lists
  •  Mindset and motivation coaching for  daily lifestyle habits
  •  Lifelong exclusive access and belonging to this great community
As I only take women who are SERIOUS about losing weight for good and achieving optimal health, the one on one program is by application only.
28 Day Weight Loss for Life Transformation Program
As an introductory session to the 1:1 coaching, the Lifestyle Weight Loss transformation program is 28 days of workouts, meal plans, and daily habit building programs to set you on the right path to weight loss and lifelong health. Complete with a roadmap and blueprint to guide you, you'll focus on not just nutrition and fitness, but also sleep, stress relief, hydration, and happiness.
  •  A roadmap to jumpstarting a healthy lifestyle with workouts, meal plans, and daily habit building programs 
  •  Weekly email support and communication regarding your progress
  •   Lifelong exclusive access and belonging to this great community
Virtual Check-In
Some people don't need as intense of guidance as the one on one programs. Sometimes you just need some questions answered to help you get unstuck. The virtual check ins are bought individually, and allows me to check in with you when you need it most to hold you accountable to your program.
  •  Hour long calls, as often as needed
  •  As-needed checkins, no commitment 
  •  Answers to questions and accountability, without a formal program
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- Nikki
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