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1:1 Program  #2: Full Brand Business Development - Empire Builder Program

Do you have an idea or expertise you want to create into transformational products? Perhaps you have a strong following or sizable email list and are just now starting to think about monetization. Ever dreamed of developing  a brand that stands alone as it's own micro-media empire? Then the Empire Builder Program is right for you.

Who is right for the accelerator program? -> If you're a creator, entrepreneur or online educator that has an established audience or email list and you're just beginning your journey to monetization, this is the right program for you. This will help you craft and create your first product, your product hierarchy, and establish your brand as a leader in the space. This is the FULL package.

What's included in the Empire Builder Program:

  • ​Thorough research and advising on product building
  • ​Advanced audience validation
  • ​Product outline and creation consulting
  • ​Develop your irresistible offer
  • ​Develop launch/sales assets
  • ​Set up all funnels
  • ​Advise on evergreen social promotions that convert followers into sales
  • ​Management of paid acquisition channels when it's time.
  • ​Advanced promotional marketing tactics like Authority Conversion Videos, etc
  • ​Your own client Slack channel, client portal, and dashboard to track every step

"Together we launched, managed, and scaled the first product to 7 figures,"

- Codie Sanchez, Investor, Entrepreneur and Founder of Contrarian Thinking

"Nikki was a staple in the foundation of Contrarian Thinking. Together we launched, managed, and scaled the first product to 7 figures, took the newsletter to its first 200k, hosted our first large conference, introduced sponsorship revenue to the brand, and ran another community to 95% retention. If you need someone to solve problems and help you get stuff done, she's the one."

Love these examples from past clients? When you book your appointment we will look at your current business and start the plan that will set the stage for your brand, company, and product marketing design. Our team focuses on detail and quality. Get ready to transform your business!

Establish your business with an experienced guide

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We'll go over in more detail, what the package includes, cost breakdown, and a 90 days goal of how to set up a conversion flywheel, research and create your first product, launch and scale it and help you spread the word of your transformational products. 

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