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1:1 Program #1: Product Scaling - Accelerator Program

Do you have a course, community, mastermind or masterclass that you struggling to hit your revenue goals? Do you want to scale your offerings to the next level? Even though you've created this amazing transformational offering, do you feel disheartened that it hasn't reached as many people as you wanted, and you know it's not hitting it's full potential? Then the Accelerator Program is right for you.

Who is right for the accelerator program? -> If you're a creator, entrepreneur or online educator that has a proven offer (meaning you've sold over $50k) of a course, mastermind, community or masterclass along with a substantial social following and email list, this is the right program for you.

What's included in the Accelerator Program:

  • ​Optimization and refining of your offer
  • Rebuilt opt-in and sales pages
  • Additional market and audience research to advise on product improvement
  • ​Launch/relaunch campaigns (if needed)
  • ​Guidance and scripting on development of an Authority Video and funnel
  • ​Management of paid media on Meta Platforms (Facebook/Instagram)
  • ​Referral access to other platform ad agencies (Tiktok, Google, Youtube)
  • ​Personal and client community communication through Slack
  • ​Your own client portal (that you keep forever) for project tracking and education
  • ​A client dashboard for meeting notes, KPIs, goals and more...consider this your HOMEBASE

"which has resulted in over $250,000 in course sales in less than 4 months!"

- Lisa Song Sutton, Creator/Founder Mailbox Money Course and 8 Figure Entrepreneur 

Nikki is a life saver. I created my mailbox store e-course earlier this year and it was 90% of the way finished. If it were up to me, I would've just posted on my Instagram that I now had a course and that would have been it. Nikki helped me immensely. 1.) She helped me finish and organize my course, taking it from 90% to 100% and 2.) she designed a full launch plan for me, with ongoing assistance, which has resulted in over $250,000 in course sales in less than 4 months!"

Love these examples from past clients? When you book your appointment we will look at your current business and start the plan that will change your product marketing design in just 3 months. Our team focuses on detail and quality. Get ready to transform your business!

Completely done for you

Book your complimentary strategy call here if this package sounds right  for where you are in your business. 
We'll go over in more detail, what the package includes, cost breakdown, and a 90 days goal of how to improve your offer, transform your business, and help you spread the word of your transformational products. 

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