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My name is Nikki...and I'm on a journey to you skyrocket your success and the success of your business through a focus on your most valuable asset...your health. Watch the video below to hear my story, and how YOU can get involved!
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Why Is My Approach Different?
I practice a holistic approach to your health and wellness by enabling you to find balance in all areas of your life!! Why is this different? Well...when was the last time you were told to "think" your way to most of the personal development world suggests? I put an emphasis on your performance, as effected by your health..because you deserve to be the most optimal version of you. That requires a harmonious balance between psychology and biochemistry (health).

If you’re like most of my clients that work with me; you struggle to find that balance that is right for you to achieve your goals. Whether it's through fitness, nutrition, sleep optimization, balance or mindset, you know what you need, but are unsure how to have it work for you in the long term. Because society seems to overcomplicate things..right?!

Well I teach you a lifestyle, not a diet. 

Most of my clients come to me feeling alone with their issues, and I can ensure you, you’re not alone, trust me.

The wellness industry is a $4.2 trillion dollar with a 95% failure rate..and preventable diseases still account for $2.7 trillion dollars in healthcare spend. So, it’s not you that is the failure, it’s the health industry that's failed us! As I found the hard way through my own journey.

Many of you may be feeling frustrated and stuck with at least one of the following health concerns:

Weight loss
Binge eating
Chronic & yo-yo dieting
Emotional eating
Hormone and metabolic imbalances
Excessive lack of drive and motivation
Overwhelm and absence of motivation
Absence of self esteem and confidence

My coaching programs offer a personalized approach using unique and cutting edge transformative knowledge of the mind-body connection to nutrition, where coaching is based not only on biochemistry, but psychology.

What's more? I teach you how to rekindle your inspiration towards your self care routine and truly learn to prioritize your health, for reasons not often discussed in the wellness industry. I blend a bit of 'health now for future prevention' in my practice, to align with my journey to change the healthcare system in to one that works.

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