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Nikki Cohn-Byrd

Welcome to my world, all! I'm a 'reformed' corporate worker turned entrepreneur and advisor, with big dreams for everyone. I graduated with a BA from Hanover College in Pre-Med, traded medical school for an MBA from Belmont University.

After that I became an Account Executive for a $500k B.o.B of employee benefit clients, managing health insurance negotiations and learning what did/did not work in corporate wellness.

My innate curiosity led  me to become a health coach which turned into start-up wellness advising and to speaking through Welliance. 

Itching to move back into start-up land I began advising on marketing and growth for non-traditional healthcare companies and ultimately found my way to my current role at Heads Up Health as a Sales and Marketing Strategy Director.

Now I'm helping to lead that company to changing the face of healthcare for the better while also advocating for consumer healthcare through Sexy Healthcare, and advising  D2C health start-ups on nailing their consumer centric branding and messaging.

Let's Be Friends

I've long been obsessed with the health, wellness and healthcare industries. The way I see it, is that there is a promising future where everyone gets the care they need, at a price they can afford, while also having it fully integrated into every aspect of their lives.

That future isn't too far away.

But what I realized is that, that future can come quicker if we all work together.

However, we haven't been taught we have a better way when it comes to our healthcare. Which is why I started Sexy Healthcare. To help people maneuver the system, become more say consumers, and ultimately save time and money within the healthcare system by being educated about their options.


I hop you join me on this journey to improve the outcome of your life!

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